The most special Christmas.

I wanted to write a little post just to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and thank you all for reading my blog and a special thank you to those who share my posts, links, photographs, ANYTHING that I share about organ donation (there’s a lot of it!) and PSC. You’re helping me make a difference and that is so wonderful! Also a HUGE thank you to the people who have been encouraged to sign the organ donor register, discuss organ donation with friends and family and give blood, you already know how wonderful and LIFE SAVING you all are!

As cheesy as it sounds, I have already received the only gift I needed this year…the gift of life! So there isn’t anything else I could wish for this Christmas, except a happy and healthy time for everyone I care about (massive cheeseball)! To me, Christmas is all about spending time with people you love, being thankful for what you’ve got and a reflection on the past year. This year is so special for me and my family. Last year was difficult and although I was able to spend the day with my family, I wasn’t myself. I was weak, very unwell and emotionally drained and I was very uncertain of what 2014 might bring. It sounds dramatic but I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be my last Christmas. Thats the uncertainty you live with whilst you’re waiting for a transplant. It wasn’t a time to celebrate and if I’m honest I found it really hard to enjoy any of the festive season. Thanks to my donor and his family, this Christmas is so very different. 2014 has been such a roller coaster year but in October, I got my life back because of my donor and his family. 2014 turned out to be everything I needed, it was the year I got my life back. So now, I am able to enjoy my first healthy Christmas in years, I am able to look forward to a brand new start in 2015 and hopefully many healthy years are ahead for me.
Many people are spending Christmas missing people who aren’t here any more, my donors family included. Whilst I will be celebrating getting my life back this year, I will also be thinking of my donor’s family. I get to spend another Christmas with my family, being thankful, enjoying all of our Christmas traditions and living! It will be a completely different story for my donor’s family. I can only hope that they know the difference they have made, the life they have given and I hope that over Christmas and beyond, they can find comfort in that.
I will also be thinking of everyone who is living with the same uncertainty that I was living with last Christmas, those people who are waiting for the transplant they so desperately need. I hope they get to enjoy Christmas despite the worry, I hope they remain hopeful and I hope they manage to have the healthiest Christmas that is possible for them. Most of all, I hope they get the calls they are waiting for soon, I hope they get their life back.

To finish off, I just want to say how grateful I also am for all the NHS staff who are working over Christmas. Lives still need saving, people still need to be cared for and luckily there are people out there who made those important things their job! YOU’RE ALL GREAT!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you’re all able to have the most lovely day whatever life has thrown at you.



One thought on “The most special Christmas.

  1. Reblogged this on robbar's cruises 2014 and commented:
    What a blessing to have for Christmas, a new life for 2014 when you thought 2013 might have been your last
    Organ donors rock and they live on by being the ultimate gift😄
    Please honour this request and place yourself on an Organ Donors list
    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year for 2015

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