As promised.

I’ve finally got round to sitting down and writing an update. I apologise for being so slack with the posting lately but it has been a busy few months! Apparently when you haven’t got end-stage liver disease you can go out and do stuff everyday! This is something I’ve learnt first hand over the past … More As promised.

28th Feb…

Today, February 28th 2015 is Rare Disease Day. Exactly two years ago on February 28th 2013 my life was completely turned upside down. I was rushed to hospital during the middle of the night because I was throwing up blood, a lot of it.!The rare liver disease I was diagnosed with when I was 17 … More 28th Feb…

Post-transplant update and NHSBT Christmas campaign news.

I thought id just write a little post as an update on how things are going. I am just over two months post-transplant now and I’m feeling good! I’m still having weekly appointments with the liver team at Derriford so they can keep a close eye on me. My new liver is happy and doing … More Post-transplant update and NHSBT Christmas campaign news.

5 weeks ago my life changed forever (part two)

After I went into theatre on Wednesday October 1st at 3.15pm, my family gave the transplant coordinator their contact phone numbers and they waited in the relatives room in the Liver Intensive Therapy Unit whilst the surgery was taking place. The coordinator told them that she would update them every two(ish) hours and to expect the surgery to … More 5 weeks ago my life changed forever (part two)